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EMBLEM Easylam 160W

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Laminate perfectly right away

Our laminator EASYLAM - a product of 15 years of experience in professional laminating with perfect technology - is the result of con - siderable user studies. With a working width of 1600 mm this machine offers the optimal finish-solution for professional manufacturing of adhesive assembling and sealing for one- and double-sided laminate.


Roller type: silicon

Roller length: 1640 mm

Roller diameter: 100 mm

Material thickness: 0 - 40 mm

Measurement of media length:Up to 50m

Heating steps: 40°, 45°, 50°, 55°

Speed: max. 9,9 m/min

Power: 110 V to 220 V

Power supply: external, integrated inside of body

Dimension: 206 x 58 x 143 cm

Weight: 250 kg

Item number: 24929


EASYLAM – in combination with EMBLEM lamination film - is a lamination system for professional use.

Wide application range

Features: Practice-oriented material guide, various options and a working speed, adjustable in 14 gradations up to 9,9 m/min. The roller can be moved automatically on one of the settings for film („FILM“-key), soft material („SOFT“-key)or “open” (40 mm).

Great variety of material

The great distance of the rolls (up to 40 mm), simple clutch of the axles and self-snatching coreholders guarantee an universal input with extremely short set-up times. Each of the unwind- and take-up-spindles is adjustable by an own finely controllable brake or clutch for wrinkle-free unwinding of the laminate and taking up of the liner immaculately. You adjust the opening of the roller electrically. The control panel is clearly structured and the menues can be used intuitively. The upper roller is heatable up to 55°C. The premium-quality siliconrollers with a diameter of 110 mm feed the warmed cold-lamination-film on to the print smoothly. An adjustable table to apply the material, finger protector, pressure sensors for the rollers, overheat protection and emergency stop switch are of course components of the EASYLAM.

Flexible Functionality

You can choose between manual controlling, foot pedal and continuous operation if needed. A special roller guide and a motorized take-up system allow comfortable roll-to-roll processing of large-format digital prints. The heated roller can be adjusted in increments of 5°C between 40° C and 55° C. The actual temperature is measuered by an optical sensor directly at the surface of the roller and shown in the display.

Work fluently

The autogrip take-off allows accurate feeding of the liner. The adjustable table facilitates the handling of thicker material. An additional parking position for a second lamination roll supports the operator to change the lamination film on the fly. A counter measures the material consumtion of the laminating film and shows the leaving meters in the display. Starting the process the operator knows how many meters of lamination film are left in the machine.