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EMBLEM lamination film sand 105 cm

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EMBLEM LAMPER3 series lamination films are self adhesive UV protection laminates for print finishing and as a protection against easy mechanical influences.

Matchcode: LAMPERSA3

Material: PVC, monomeric

Finish: sand structured

Colour: transparent

Thickness: 100 µm

Liner: glassine paper 72 g/m2, siliconised

Adhesive: high transparancy solvent-free acrylate, permanent

Adhesion power on glass: 14 N/25 mm - acc. Finat1, 24h, average value

Application temperature: min. +10°C

Temperature resistance: -30°C to +80°C

Standard roll width: 105 cm

Standard roll length: 50 m

Lamination film: face out

Flame retardant: acc. DIN4102-1, class B1, sticked on metal

Storage: at 23°C / 50% humidity, 2 years in original boxes

Durability: up to 3 years in standard middle European climates



The lamination film is for cold lamination processing and has best characteristics against humidity and yellowing.

EMBLEM LAMPERSA3 is a sand structured monomeric 100 µm PVC film with antireflex surface. The solvent- free adhesive is characterised by a high colour neutrality and provides by this means genuine colours.

The durability of a final laminated product amounts up to 3 years. It can be shorter because many factors influence durability. The user should perform self-tests.


Lamination can be cut right to or over the edges. Usually there is no danger of water moving in between laminate and print. It depends on the printing material if water can get in or not. The user should check before using what is more appropriate. We recommend a lamination process with overlap of approx. 3 mm when critical printing media is a used. LAMPERSA3 lamination films are for dry application processing.

For an excellent lamination with-out silvering from the first minute we recommend warm lamination processing up to 50°C.

Processing: Print finishing for rollups, popups, at POS